The ‘New Normal’ in Interiors

Digitalization and a flexible work schedule allow more and more people to work from home
Kim Kemp

Kim Kemp

Interior Designer

The modern lifestyle requires a dynamic approach to design where architects and designers are now faced with complex spatial distribution of homes that try to reflect the requirements, hobbies and preferences of the client. In the past the traditional separation of common areas, rooms, kitchens and bathrooms worked but that no longer applies to modern homes. Digitalization and a flexible work schedule allow more and more people to work from home especially after COVID-19 changed our reality.

Designers are now tasked with creating homes with special work areas that are integrated into the design of the house. Urban interiors are becoming integrated – so whilst we still require spaces for rest, recreation, entertainment and everyday activities, a new space is needed for work and creative inspiration. In addition work spaces now look like living rooms,as the boundaries between work and leisure are becoming increasingly blurred.

In our modern open plan interior spaces, the kitchen is definitely the centre of the house. Its location allows you to create a space that corresponds to the dynamics of the modern way of life where people combine the preparation and consumption of food with social and family events.

Urban dwellings are becoming more compact as the average area of apartments reduces. This demands creative ways of helping the modern nomad to fit on a small number of meters, without losing in comfort: modular sofas, folding tables, folding beds and hidden kitchens and laundries.

The concept of “decorated interior” is rapidly going out of fashion.There is a rejection of stylized, deliberately decorated interiors as people become designers themselves with all the online information available to them to follow new trends and stay informed. The role of the designer is to guide and assist the client in achieving what they want to make their home unique and individual.

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