Green with Envy

Green speaks of renewal, refreshment and regeneration.
Kim Kemp

Kim Kemp

Interior Designer

From the newly sprouted blade of grass to the sparkling dazzle of an emerald, green is the most common colour in the natural world. It speaks of renewal, refreshment and regeneration. It calms and relieves stress and paradoxically invigorates.

Bringing green into the interior of your home can achieve the same effect. From deep  rich olive or bold captivating emerald to fresh leafy green, we can create the same sense of well being we feel when we experience the beauty of forests and the natural bush.

Paint a deep green feature wall, cover a sofa in green velvet or add a rich emerald rug on the floor in your living room.   Be brave and break out of the white and wood kitchen trend and have some cupboard doors in fresh and vibrant green.

Enjoy the calming effect of green in the bedroom remembering to retain depth of colour and not to opt for the ‘safe’ pale pastel.

Bathrooms, traditionally white, grey or neutral, can be given life with a vibrant but classic green wall colour.

The colour palette that includes green is versatile, just as it occurs in nature. It complements colours like saffron, tan, bronze and gold,  as well as floral hues. Even teals and blues blend well with some greens.

So take leaf out of Nature’s book and go green……….

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