Flower Power

Using floral patterns in your home décor can be difficult to implement... It’s all about finding the balance.
Kim Kemp

Kim Kemp

Interior Designer

We all respond innately to the beauty of flowers. But using floral patterns in your home décor can be difficult to implement. You can easily end up with a design that is too feminine or one that is simply overworked.

Floral patterns can be traditional, contemporary or whimsical. They have inspired many beautiful fabrics designs. The secret is to identify the type of floral pattern that catches your eye as the first step to designing your interior. You can create a focal point with floral detail by keeping a relatively calm background and then strategically popping a botanical pattern in the room somewhere, be it a wall, rug, chair or art.  It’s all about finding the balance.

In order to avoid a style that is too feminine, you can choose from many different botanical options. The common one is to choose the patterns that feature abstract shapes or have muted colours instead of flowers that are intricately detailed. Some botanicals focus on the beautiful leaves and branches, not merely blooms, and take on a more masculine style. Or you could choose those designs in more gender-neutral hues – greens, browns and blues.

Bring the solitude of the garden inside using nature as your eternal guide.

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