Downsizing isn’t Downgrading

With an experienced interior designer on board, downsizing can be an exciting and fulfilling experience.
Kim Kemp

Kim Kemp

Interior Designer

Downsizing can be a daunting task but with an experienced interior designer on board, it can be an exciting and fulfilling experience.

When you reach that stage of life where you face the inevitable ’empty nest’ or retirement, it is often associated with down sizing from the large family home to something smaller and more compact like a cottage, town house or apartment. It’s a liberating feeling of having a more manageable property that frees up your time so that  you can ‘lock up and leave’, travel and indulge in hobbies and sports that please you. But with that comes a certain amount of uncertainty on how to make this transition without losing what you love about your existing home and distilling that into a smaller, new space.



The basic rule is to make sure that the furniture you choose is correctly scaled to suit the room layout. You’ll be surprised how small spaces can function just as well as the larger rooms you’ve been accustomed to.  Get rid of large, unnecessary pieces that ‘clutter’ the room. But keep the colours, the artwork and the sentimental artefacts that create the essence of ‘you’.



It’s also good to introduce some new dimensions you may not have thought of before. Maybe a clear glass coffee table to show off your old kelim rug; or some new tub chairs to replace a sofa; or a modern, built-in wall unit to house the TV and include much needed storage always in short supply in smaller homes.

So bigger isn’t always better……




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