A Fine Finish

Consider the beauty and versatility of hand painted finishes to enhance your design
Kim Kemp

Kim Kemp

Interior Designer

It is no longer merely a choice of matt, eggshell, semi gloss or high gloss paints that matter when it comes to adding interest to your home be it traditional or modern.

Lime wash, French wash, Concrete wash, Wood wash,  Distemper, and Chalkboard are just a few specialist finishes which when applied with skill and restraint can make all the difference to large bare walls and floors.

Consider the excitement of metallic effects. Used judiciously these can add the point of difference you are seeking to create your own unique interior.

The beauty of ancient bronze is now available for broad wall areas, door frames, and architectural mouldings. Achieved using Porter’s Liquid Bronze.  The oxidisation effect that the Patina Green has on the Liquid Copper allows you to create your own authentic copper aged walls, down pipes, artworks and garden features.

Porter’s Liquid Zinc authentically replicates the soft grey patina of architectural zinc.

Porter’s AquaGILD Exterior Gold  is a relatively new product that creates a brilliant gold finish designed for use in architecture and landscape projects. It creates a glittering sparkle with brilliant optical characteristics.

Whilst many of these finishes can be applied yourself once you’ve done the necessary prep work and learned the techniques, there is artistry in achieving the more detailed aged effects. The artists at Painted Earth have years of experience honing their painting techniques and can replicate the subtlety and beauty of bespoke paint finishes on walls, floors, ceilings and furniture.  See website details below.

Porters Paints are used by Painted Earth to create their fine finishes – see more of their stunning work on their website www.paintedearth.com.au

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